Transform Our Children’s Future

In the United States, education has long been hailed as the great equalizer, providing a pathway to opportunity and upward mobility. However, the current state of educational disparities reveals a troubling truth. Our San Diego County community has vast disparities in student test scores, typically falling along racial and economic lines. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated existing inequities as remote learning and the digital divide disproportionately affected marginalized communities. Newly released national achievement statistics from the 2022 Nations Report Card showed that educational disparities are growing even wider.

As the data shows, we are at a crucial turning point for educational equity nationwide, and students need our support now more than ever. This is why we have established early education and college and career preparation as cornerstones of our work. Together, we can work toward closing academic achievement gaps so that all San Diego County children have the resources and support to reach their full potential.

In our San Diego County community, 52% of children are not meeting English Language Arts standards.

8th grade students’ test scores declined nationwide in US history and civics.

History scores have been consistently declining since 2014 nationwide, with the most recent data showing another decrease compared to 2018.

9-year-olds’ test scores had the largest average score decline in reading since 1990 and the first-ever score decline in mathematics nationwide.

Transform Our Community

The pandemic’s economic aftermath has left many San Diego County families grappling with affordability and struggling to pay for necessities such as rent, transportation, and groceries. Post-pandemic recovery requires collaborative solutions to address these economic challenges and support families and individuals who need it most.

25% of K-12 students live in doubled-up households with family or friends due to housing instability.

This is where United Way of San Diego County steps in. We understand that economic mobility is essential for families and individuals to thrive. That’s why we offer free tax preparation services through the San Diego County Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition. By helping to maximize tax refunds and connect families with valuable resources, we help alleviate financial burdens that hinder their economic progress. Last year alone, we were able to help San Diego County residents get back $38 million in federal and state refunds through the EITC Coalition.

Over 1 in 3 children in San Diego County are food insecure – that is over 251k.

When we help put money back into the hands of San Diego County individuals and families, we allow them to take a trip with their families, ease the burden of paying an overdue bill, put food on the table, or get reliable transportation.

This tax refund means a lot to me. It will help me pay my bills.

-Christopher, San Diego County EITC Coalition Service Recipient

By working collectively, 42k San Diegans were impacted countywide.

United We Can

Through our education and economic mobility initiatives and community collaborations, we work at creating systemic change that uplifts all individuals, children, and families.

Your contribution to United Way of San Diego County will support initiatives in early education, college and career preparation, and free tax preparation services to create a more equitable society. Together, we can ensure that every child receives a quality education, every young adult is prepared for the workforce, and every family has the resources they need to thrive.

United We Can…
Transform Lives

The inequities and gaps San Diegans face cannot be addressed alone. It takes everyone. United, we can build a community where education and economic opportunities are within reach for all.

Consider donating today to ensure that all children, individuals, and families have the best chance at a bright future.