Unions United

Providing a Safety Net for San Diego

An unexpected life event can be the downfall of any family. A sudden job loss or unforeseen health crisis can severely affect a family’s well-being. According to the Center for Policy Initiatives, almost half of our county’s children are living in households struggling to make ends meet.

Align, Leverage, and Transform

United Way of San Diego County strengthens our community when we align with partners and leverage our resources to address inequities and to transform lives. Unions United is a partnership between United Way of San Diego County and the AFL-CIO.

Last year in San Diego, more than 2,500 individuals and families received over $377,247 worth of food, $163,399 in rent/mortgage assistance, $45,602 in utilities support, and $11,834 in other assistance (transportation/medical/referrals/misc.).

Unions United helps families stay strong during tough times.

“The Labor Council is proud to partner with United Way to improve the lives of working families across the region. Together, we are a building a more equitable San Diego for teachers, nurses, firefighters, hotel workers, home caregivers and all working people. Our partnership empowers workers to become leaders who empower their communities.”
— Keith Maddox, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, San Diego Labor Council

Together, We Serve Union Members and Their Families

These critical services help keep families stable during tough times:

Rent & Mortgage

For families facing eviction or foreclosure, we may be able to help, based on available resources and federal funding.

Security Deposit Program

Can you afford rent but not the security deposit? If your zip code is in San Diego City limits, we may be able to assist with the money needed upfront for a security deposit.

Food Bags

Union members can visit our food pantry for canned items, baked goods, and commodities.

Utility Bill Payments

If you have fallen behind on utility bill payments, we may be able to help by providing partial payment for past-due gas and electric or water bills. We can also connect you to other resources.

Unemployment Claims

Need help filling out forms for unemployment insurance and navigating the requirements? Let us know if you’re denied benefits and want to appeal.

“Union United’s efforts are especially important, as children who experience economic hardship when they’re young are at greater risk for lower academic outcomes.” —Nancy Sasaki, President & CEO, United Way of San Diego County