Summer Literacy

Carving a Path for Tomorrows Youth

Fight the “Summer Slide”


On average, 3rd-5th graders lose 20% of their reading skills during the summer. UWSD spearheads Readers in the Heights, a collaboration among community partners to close learning gaps and provide summer reading opportunities for students and their families.

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected families experiencing economic hardship, in turn threatening the educational success of children. When schools and after-school learning programs moved online, the Readers in the Heights team realized a need to shift its model to keep students excited about reading. UWSD leveraged its partners’ expertise, time, and resources, to provide families with high quality, evidence-based literacy experiences over the summer.

“She was really shy asking to sound out words, but now she [asks] ‘Mom, can you help me sound this out?’ Now she’s confident in asking for help since we read together.”
-Emily Lira, parent of Brian and Emily, Readers in the Heights students.

Thank You to Our Readers in the Heights Partners:

City Heights Community Development Corporation, City Heights Weingart Library, Karen Organization of San Diego, San Diego Council on Literacy, and Words Alive!

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