United for Literacy

Championing the Literacy Movement in San Diego County

More than 1/2 of all San Diego County children aren’t reading at grade level by the time they enter fourth grade.

Why Reading Matters

  • Reading inspires deep thinking from different perspectives
  • Reading promotes empathy and intelligence
  • Access to books improves overall health
  • Strong reading and writing skills help students finish school and get good jobs

We are here to ensure our children are set up for a successful future.

and Partners

Everyone has a role to play in building stronger readers, and all are equally valuable ensuring that all students have the support they need.

Our Vision

We envision a San Diego County where every child is able to build strong reading skills through access to high-quality schooling.

With the help of community members and partners, we can help our children reach their full potential.

We Can’t Do It Alone…

We Need Your Help

We believe that communities know their own needs.
We are here to listen and provide support.

Share your experience with us.

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