Family Stability

Keeping Children & Families Strong

Kids Succeed in Stable Homes

Nearly half of all San Diego children live in households struggling to make ends meet.

By supporting low-income households when times get tough, United Way and its partners leverage resources that can help build stronger children and families.

Such support helps keep families from falling into poverty by getting them access to resources and opportunities, like free tax services, or offering support with mortgage or rent, utilities, and food when times are tough.

Families Can’t Cover Basic Costs
San Diegans Are Food Insecure
Households Living in Poverty
Volunteer Tax Preparers
Saved on Tax Fees
State & Federal Refunds

Record-High Refunds from San Diego County EITC Coalition

The IRS estimates that 300,000 or more San Diegans who would qualify for tax refunds aren’t filing for these much-needed refunds.

To improve and impact family stability, the UWSD-led Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Coalition, anchored by a partnership with the County of San Diego and the IRS, aligned over 20 community and non-profit partners to implement free tax preparation assistance and referral services in tax year 2018.

A Safety Net for Tough Times

An unexpected job loss or health crisis can be the downfall of any family.

Even with two working adults, it’s a struggle to cover the basics. One in eight locals are unsure if they’ll eat today, and 60% of low-income households are considered food insecure.

By leveraging federal funds and donations, Unions United, in partnership with United Way, provides emergency assistance for rent or mortgage, utilities, and food. This partnership began in 1946, through a cooperative agreement between the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and United Way Worldwide.

Last year in San Diego, more than 3,700 individuals and families were provided with over $377,247 worth of food, $163,399 in rent/mortgage assistance, and $45,602 in utilities support. Unions United helps families stay strong during tough times.

Value of Food Distributed
Rent & Mortgage Assistance
Utilities Support

Change a Life Today

1 in 7 people in San Diego are food insecure: they do not know, with confidence, where their next meal will come from