Agencies that receive donations through the United Way of San Diego County need to complete and submit the following forms before the donated dollars can be released to the agency:

1) Electronic Funds Transfer

2) Patriot Act (must be resubmitted annually)

Forms can be submitted to  or online through United Way of San Diego County’s Agency Portal. If you do not have a login to the Agency Portal, you can submit a request for an account via .

If you have questions about the Patriot Act, please review the Patriot Act Cover Letter document.

To download reports showing donors and donations to your organization through United Way of San Diego County as well as if the donors would like to be recognized for their gift, please log in to the Agency Portal with the login information provided to you by Donor Services.

Beginning Fall of 2024, to help offset the costs associated with printing checks, a check fee will be applied to all future check disbursements. Please click on the Electronic Funds Transfer link above. The form can be uploaded directly to your account via the Agency Portal, or it can be emailed directly to . Thank you!