4 Ways Your Donation Makes a Difference

Making a donation to a non-profit organization is like planting a garden. Every “seed” you give, the nonprofit will tend until it grows into something bountiful. The more we sow, we reap the rewards of a thriving community. Your donation makes the organization and mission stronger and able to build more of a presence in the community–and make the most impact. Just like a for-profit company, nonprofits have expenses in order to do innovative, important work. Here’s where your donations support the community when you give to a charitable organization:

The Cause

The first obvious place your assistance goes is the main cause or purpose of the organization. If you donate to an after-school tutoring program, part of your money goes toward buying books or educational tools. If you donate to a help a struggling family, part of your money goes to providing them with tools and resources to fill the gaps where they’re not making ends meet.

The Infrastructure

To keep the organization running, employees must be paid. A portion of monetary donations goes toward salaries. If you donate your time and talents–such as preparing invoices or writing thank you letters for the organization–you’re contributing to the core infrastructure of the group as well.

The Marketing

Some donations are allocated to marketing the organization. This increases awareness, involvement, giving, and the mission of the group. Unfortunately, it does cost money to place advertisements in magazines, in newspapers, on television, or on the radio. In the end, this helps move the mission forward, broadening the support so the organization can do more good work!

The Facility

When you donate, a portion goes to the maintenance of the facility that the non-profit organization calls home. Even if the location is rent-free or was donated, there are utility bills, cleaning costs, and upkeep to think about. Your monetary or time donation can help with repairs and necessities to keep the organization under a sturdy roof.

Would you like to see your talents and dollars go to a good cause? Get involved today, and help grow a stronger San Diego, by investing your local nonprofit!