United Way of San Diego County Holds Crockpot Drive to Support Local Families in Need During Holiday Season


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United Way of San Diego County Holds Crockpot Drive to Support Local Families in Need During Holiday Season

2nd Annual ‘Holiday Crockpot Drive’ to provide local families and their children warm meals for Thanksgiving and beyond

San Diego – Nov. 1, 2022 – To kick off the giving season, United Way of San Diego County (UWSD) is collecting new crockpots to support local families facing food insecurity during the holidays. From Oct. 24 through Nov. 14, the nonprofit will collect funds to purchase new crockpots that will be distributed to families in need, just in time for Thanksgiving Day.

Giving more than a crockpot

According to the San Diego Hunger Coalition, 1 in 4 San Diegans are nutrition insecure and cannot provide three nutritious meals for themselves or their family per day. While this estimate is down from last year, it is still an increase from pre-pandemic years. In addition, the following San Diego populations are nutrition insecure:

  • 35% of the child population
  • 39% of Hispanic/Latino people
  • 37% of Black people
  • 28% of the total San Diego population

With inflation rising and the high cost of living in our region, many families rely on hunger relief assistance from organizations, even in dual-income households. To support families experiencing nutrition insecurity, UWSD will provide them with new crockpots to help them cook quick, easy and nutritious meals at home that help stretch their dollars.

“The holiday season is here, and for many families, it is a time to bring the family together around a dinner table full of food. However, many families in our community can’t afford this experience,” says Nancy L. Sasaki, President and CEO, United Way of San Diego County. “The price of gas and groceries continue to increase due to inflation, and putting food on the table requires much planning and budgeting. We’re excited to support families in need, and gifting a cooking tool like a crockpot will help parents and guardians have dinner ready when they come home from work, giving them more time to spend with their children and peace of mind.”

Help families in need put food on the holiday table and year-round

A donation of $50 will help UWSD provide a San Diego family experiencing food insecurity with one crockpot and some pantry staples to help make a holiday meal. For community members interested in donating a new unused crockpot, they can be dropped off at United Way of San Diego County’s front desk (4699 Murphy Canyon Rd.) between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Nov. 1 and Nov. 8.

For families experiencing food and nutrition insecurity, a crockpot can:

  • Provide a warm meal in transitioning housing situations
  • Lower the cost per meal for a family to stretch their dollars
  • Make meal preparation quick and easy when working multiple jobs 
  • Provide a way to teach children how to cook safely 
  • Cook larger quantities of food, creating additional meals 
  • Make nutritious meals at home 
  • Provide a variety of meals using SNAP-approved ingredients 

For more information on UWSD’s annual “Holiday Crockpot Drive” and ways to give back to the nonprofit, visit uwsd.org.


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