The holidays are right around the corner! For many families, it is a time for cooking, laughing, and sitting around a table full of food.

Other families do not have this experience and have to find ways to save for a simple meal, let alone a holiday dinner.

Hunger in San Diego

Did you know 1 in 4 San Diegans is nutrition insecure* meaning they cannot provide 3 nutritious meals for themselves or their family per day? While this estimate is down from last year, it is still an increase from pre-pandemic years.

  • 28% of the total San Diego population is nutrition insecure
  • 35% of the child population is nutrition insecure
  • 39% of Hispanic/Latino people in San Diego are nutrition insecure
  • 37% of Black people in San Diego are nutrition insecure

With inflation soaring and the high cost of living in San Diego, many families rely on hunger relief assistance, even with both adults working.

For families who are experiencing nutrition insecurity, having a quick, easy way to cook that stretches their dollars is even more important.

*San Diego Hunger Coalition, March 2022,


It’s a warm meal for a child during the holidays.

It’s a way to cook, stretch a dollar, become more sustainable, and bring a family together over dinner.

Why Crockpots?

As parents work harder to afford the high cost of living, they have less time at home to cook. A tool like a crockpot can help give parents more time to spend with their children while having a quick, easy way to cook at home that stretches their dollars as the price of groceries continues to climb.

For families experiencing food insecurity, a crockpot can:

  • Provide a warm meal in transitioning housing situations  
  • Lower the cost per meal for a family to stretch their dollars  
  • Make meal preparation quick and easy when working multiple jobs
  • Provide a way to teach children how to cook safely
  • Cook larger quantities of food, creating additional meals
  • Make nutritious meals at home
  • Provide a variety of meals using SNAP-approved ingredients


A very special thank you to our Crockpot Drive sponsors who are helping San Diego families have a way to stretch their dollars and make warm, nutritious meals all year long.  

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If you would like to partner with United Way of San Diego County to become a sponsor or host a crockpot drive at your workplace, please contact Frank Vargas at .