Three Reasons Why You Should Join a Nonprofit Board

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Three Reasons Why You Should Join a Nonprofit Board

Written by: Frank Vargas, Corporate Social Responsibility Associate

Have you ever considered joining a nonprofit board of directors? Maybe you’re not sure why you should join a board when you can volunteer or donate in other ways.

One of the best ways to give back and have a voice in your community is by serving on a nonprofit board. Board service empowers you to ensure the health, equity, and stability of the community you serve. Board members who bring diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and personal experiences add tremendous value to elevating the mission and work of nonprofit organizations. 

While there are many reasons to serve on a nonprofit board, here are three that stand out.

Three Good Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Board

Make an Impact in Your Community

You already know there are many ways to give back to your community, but joining a nonprofit board maximizes your impact and supports a cause whose mission aligns with your beliefs. While serving on a nonprofit board of directors, you use your professional skills to help guide and shape an organization over time. It may not seem as impactful as serving meals to the homeless or reading to children; however, the board is critical to strategizing an organization’s direction to ensure those services can be delivered effectively and efficiently.

Professional Development

Joining a nonprofit board can build and enhance your professional skills. You may leverage your existing expertise or branch out and learn new skills such as marketing or nonprofit finance. It can provide you with new experiences you may not have in your current or past profession. Either way, becoming a nonprofit board member will offer many opportunities for leadership development as you work with other professionals to guide the organization strategically.

Expand Your Network

Joining a nonprofit board of directors allows you to meet many new people, including other nonprofit board members, community partners, and leaders. Building your connections can be a nice perk to serving your community and can open doors for future endeavors.

United Way of San Diego Can Help You Join a Board

Now that you know some of the top reasons to serve on a nonprofit board, United Way of San Diego County (UWSD) wants to help you find a board that needs your expertise.

Since 2020, UWSD and the University of San Diego have prepared professionals across the nation to serve on nonprofit boards through a 7-week Nonprofit Board Certification and Matching Program. In this program, you will learn how to govern a board in a virtual world, the importance of building a diverse and equitable board of directors, the legal, financial, and ethical responsibilities of nonprofit boards, and so much more!

UWSD is committed to your professional development, ensuring you graduate the program ready to serve on a nonprofit board and get connected with organizations that coincide with your goals and interests. While you are busy focusing on the curriculum, we are actively searching and making connections for you!

Megan Blair, a UWSD board member who graduated from the program in 2020, said, “I gained practical tools in terms of how to make a better board meeting and how to create the culture at a board meeting that will really help take things to the next level.” She went on to say that the program “helped provide an overview of governance and best practices and it’s been time well spent!”

There are many good reasons to join a nonprofit board, and many boards need you and your expertise. Learn more about the Nonprofit Board Certification and Matching Program and make an impact in your community.