Centennial Read Across America

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Centennial Read Across America "I really enjoyed volunteering with United Way for Read Across America. I think it's an amazing program to participate in because it highlights the importance of community and youth engagement, as well as the valuable habit of reading. Overall, it was a great time, and I can't wait

Every Student, Every Day Intern Stories: Sadia

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Every Student Every Day Intern Stories: Sadia One Recipe for Student Success: A Little Help from Everybody A former refugee from Somalia, Sadia Said, who grew up in Libya then moved to Egypt and eventually emigrated to America, knows it takes a little help from a lot of people to succeed in

An Example of Common Good

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An Example of Common Good United Way offers many ways for individuals and groups to contribute. The following list includes an example of common good activities that'll appeal to almost anyone. United Way offers opportunities to volunteer virtually everywhere in America. Health One of the goals at United Way is to dramatically improve

Citizen Participation is the Key to Democracy

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Citizen Participation is the Key to Democracy A lot of people do not realize how fragile democracy can be. In a dictatorship, the power structures can hold on for a very long time, because they make the rules for their own continued existence. In a democracy, however, citizen participation can influence the direction